Shell Announces It Is Buying Electric Vehicle Charging Network

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Shell has announced that is was buying Ubitricity for an “undisclosed” amount yesterday, giving the oil major over 2,700 on-street charing stations for EV’s in the U.K.  The move follow’s Shells efforts in the U.S. to also gain a foothold in the Ev charging market.  “It makes perfect sense, Shell already has the largest gas station footprint in the United States and is second in the U.K. behind BP, it can learn from this new network before scaling it and brining it to it’s gas stations as well” said Andy Van Haden, a Dutch energy market analyst.  

“The acquisition marks She’’s expansion into the fast-growing on-street EV charging market and will provide critical competencies, helping Shell to scale its overall EV charging offer” read a statement from Shell.  Shell has announced it is aiming to become a net-zero emissions business by 2050 or sooner.

Shell is also involved in wind turbines in the United States and a massive global natural gas operation, which has less carbon emissions than oil or gas, for powering natural gas power stations.