Elon Musk Says Telsa Van Is Coming

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Van, both full size and minivan are used most often as a high density people mover, or more commonly as a work vehicle stocked full of tool and parts and here and there one has been adapted for a disabled person.  But until now, they’ve all been internal combustion.  According to Elon Musk, an all electric van is in the works but that currently they don’t have enough batteries to supply the van the power it needs.  Currently all batteries Tesla makes or buys are used in their Model S, X, or model 3’s.

Musk added that with the new Texas facility, the electric automated expected battery production capacity will increase by 10 fold, allowing the company to begin releasing more models including the van.  Musk confirmed the “head duty semi” truck has been delayed for the say reason, there aren’t enough batteries to go around for all of the vehicles they are building or want to build.

Tesla’s current Fremont plat makes just 10 GWh of production capacity while the company’s new production plant in Texas will be able to produce 100 GWh worth of electrical batteries.  Additionally, a new Berlin facility is in the works as well.