Soon Google Fit On Your Android Phone Can Monitor Your Heart Rate And Breathing Without Any Wrist Devices

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Starting with the Google Pixels and then rolling out to all other Android phones, Google Fit has developed a way for your phone’s camera to monitor your heart rate and respirations using the smartphone camera.  Turns out today’s smartphone camera are already good enough to detect what are called pulsatile photoplethysmorgraphic signals, or the microscopic changes in color your fingernails show with each beat of your heart.

How to use Google Fit new heart rate monitor

Even more interesting is that the phone can monitor your breathing rate as well.  It is able to monitor pixel by pixel that expansion and contraction of your chest and accurately count your respirations.  And this isn’t any phony science either, Google went through the hassle of having their new software/hardware gem studied in three separate and independent clinical trials, to which, each validated Google’s findings.

How it works.  Simply prop your phone up and sit back about 2 feet and hold still.  The phone will do the rest.  It will take about 6-9 second for the phone to get your results.  While Google says it will work in most lighting conditions, as usual, more lighting is better lighting.  Your results are automatically added to your Google Fit app or other apps like FitBit.

lining yourself up with your camera for Google Fit

If you own a Google Pixel, you will start to see this new feature on your phone next month.  For another Androids, Google will push the update to the manufacturers and phone companies in May or June, but when you actually get the update, as usual, is up to your phone company.  The only android phones that get updates immediately are Google Pixels.