133 Car Pile-Up In Forth Worth, At Least 6 Dead, Dozens More Injured

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A massive 133 cars were involved in a pile-up this morning around 6:00 am on Interstate 35W in Forth Worth today (Thursday) with at least six dead and 36 injured and taken to area local hospitals as a strong winter storm associated with the Polar Vortex spreading into Texas and 35 other states grows.  Meteorologist are predicting snow and single digit temperatures for most of Texas, even the southern part of Texas in Houston is forecasted to get 3 inches of snow and see temperatures drop to 13 degrees.

Forth Worth fire chief Jim Davis said they do not know if the freeway had been treated prior to the accident but that they responded to the scene of the accident on I-35W with rescue crews and a salt truck.  Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes held a news conference at 4:30pm and said they will be investigating if the freeway had been treated or not as part of their overall large investigation.

Emergency responders from 5 other agencies responded to Forth Worth’s call for mutual aid.  Emergency officials have said anyone who suspects they have a loved one who might have been in the accident can call 817-546-7826.

Numerous people report being trapped in their vehicles for hours as fire crews worked to rescue people and clear the scene of so many vehicles including at least 7 18-wheelers.  At this point, all victims have been rescued according to the Fort Worth Fire Department.

In all, more than 120 emergency vehicles responded to the scene.  The incident happened on I-35W south at the 121 interchange.

6 dead, 36 injured in 133 vehicle pile up on I-35W in Forth Worth Texas Thursday morning