Arctic Weather Has Arrived, Here’s What You Need To Do

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Much of Texas has seen unusually cold winter weather as the Polar Vortex spread into Texas and 35 other states.  In Dallas, Temperatures are expected to get down to just 1 degrees, with the wind chill it could be as low as -9 degrees.  In Houston, it is predicted to get down to 10 degrees and with a wind chill it will feel like -1 degree.

These temperatures aren’t just cold, they are deadly for people and animals who are not used to such frigid weather.  Experts say it’s important that dogs and cats and other small animals are brought inside.  Though many people think cats can handle it, in fact, they can’t says veterinarian Jason Stout of Austin.  “Every time we get a cold snap, we end up flooded with people bringing in cats that are dead or near dead due to the cold.”

There are conflicting statements about how to protect your water pipes.  Some say let water run or drip and other says wrap your exposed pipes with pipe insulation.  Most insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm and others say let water run at a slow rate.  The city of Houston says to wrap your pipes and to not let your water run.  According to Houston sanitation, if everyone lets their water drip or run at the same time for a prolonged period, it can cause low water pressure in the system which can let untreated water into the clean side forcing the city to issue a boil water alert.

Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Midland, Lubbock, Houston, and Corpus Christi are expected to reach near record lows Sunday night.  The winter weather will move out by midweek and by next weekend much of Texas will be back in the 60’s or 70’s.  Snow is forecasted for much of Texas on Sunday evening and on Monday.