7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Japan Near Site Of Fukushima Disaster

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On Saturday a strong earthquake struck about 45 miles off shore from Japan very close to the epicenter of the 2011 earthquake that caused Japan’s worst nuclear disaster and killed more than 20,000 people.  Saturday’s earthquake is being considered an aftershock to the 2011 earthquake according to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

Saturday’s earthquake struck at 11:07 pm local time according to the United States Geological Survey at a depth of 36 miles.  So far 48 people have sustained injured in the Fukushima and Miyagi prefecture according to NHK.  

Minor damage has been reported in both Fukishima and Miyagi prefectures as well, and engineers are out survey bridges and other civil infrastructure.  A section of freeway in Miyagi was lifted up 32 feet and approximately 830,000 people are without electricity.

Damage in Miyagi perfecture of Japan from earthquake that hit Japan on Saturday