Snow and Statewide Blackout Cover Most Of Texas

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As the polar vortex arrived, most of Texas has received snow ranging from a couple inches to 7 inches and a short rolling blackouts unintentionally became a statewide blackouts starting at about 1:30 am and many parts of Texas remain in the dark as the Texas power grid lost 30,000 MW of energy production, enough to power a little over 6 million Homes.

Overnight, ERCOT, Electric Reliability Council of Texas, ordered rolling blackouts to last about 30 minutes when demand spiked and they lost about 10,000 MW of power generation which then cascaded with power power generating going offline.  According to ERCOT, power companies across the state are trying to restore power but cold weather along with snow and ice covered roads are making that job difficult.  ERCOT said the planned rolling blackouts will remain until the most severe winter weather has passed, or until about Tuesday evening.

radar map
Air Travel into much of Texas is closed as shown on this radar map of Texas at 8 am this morning, normally airplanes cover the radar map completely as two of the nation's biggest hub airports are in Texas.

George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport has no flights arriving or departing today, and the Dallas Forth Worth International Airport is operating but on a very minimal schedule.  DFW has some snow removal equipment whereas Houston does not.