Tomball Issues Boil Water Alert

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A boil water alert has been issued for Tomball after officials said low pressure in the water distribution system may allow bacteria and other contaminants from untreated water into the clean side of the system.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, TCEQ, said water should be brought to a full roiling boil for two minutes before using it for cooking, washing hands and face, brushing teeth, or cleaning dishes.  They asked the people stop taking baths or showers until the boil water alert is over.

The boil water alert is in effect until further notice, and the city said they will send out alerts when it is safe to drink again without boiling.

Power outages continue to affect millions across Texas and ERCOT has asked utilities providers to further reduce power and increase blackouts.  Austin Energy said they have no more customers to “rotate” the blackouts too and that some many be stuck in the blackout.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said “Rolling outages are not that. There have to be systemic changes. This is happening every 10 years, and there's got to be a better plan”