Most of Houston Area Has No Running Water Or Electricity, Just Like North Korea

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America’s third largest county is without water as the severe winter storm continues to hold its grip over the Houston metro area.  The metro area of over 7.5 million people is now entering its third day with many residents still without electricity and the state regulator, ERCOT, saying residents should be prepared to have no power or water until Friday or Saturday.

The city of Houston is without water, and much of surrounding Harris County either has low pressure and on a boil water alert or has no water either.  Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has asked residents who have water to conserve as much as possible, stop bathing, and only use as little water as possible for washing your face and hands and brushing your teeth and cooking.

In a scene similar to that of North Korea, millions of residents have had to fend for themselves for food and water and do it in the cold since there’s been no power.  Many MUD districts (Municipal Utility Districts) have lost power and unable to provide tuning water to an estimated 2 million homes as electrical utility providers continue to shut off more service to meet the demands of ERCOT, Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state grid operator and regulator.

For those who have running water, there is a boil water alert in effect.  Officials say you should bring your water to a full boil for at least two minutes.  This, of course, only is possible for those with electricity or who still have natural gas that works.

“It’s really ironic that we can go from flooding to no water, be the largest producer of electricity of any state and yet have no power, I think something really needs to change, our leaders have failed us and it’s time we change who we put in office and overhaul ERCOT to be accountable to the people.” Says Ashley McDermott, a Cypress resident who has had no power since Monday evening.