No Water or Boil Water Alerts Are In Place For 332 Texas Municipalities

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In "another failing of the Texas infrastructure" says Tammy Wilson of Forth Worth, as of Thursday morning there are 332 local municipalities and local water systems in 110 separate counties within Texas that are reporting they either have no water or have had to issue boil water alerts according to Toby Baker, head of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  The most severe water problems covered areas of Abilene, Arlington, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, Galveston and San Antonio, with an estimated 7 million homes affected.

PIO LouAnn Campbell of the Tyler Public Works Utilities said that water levels are below levels that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has set.  Widespread outages covered most of the Houston metro area, which was the hardest hit area of the power outages and water problems.  The Houston area is set up into MUD districts (Municipal Utility Districts) that are overseen by local residents of each district and includes over 100 such areas.

Most water outages are due to local MUD water systems loosing electricity to pump water to nearby houses whereas boil water issues are because those systems had water pressure levels so low that contaminated water can or did get into the clean side.

Line of people in freeznig cold waiting to get bottled water from local country emergency distribution sites across Texas