New Israeli Study Shows Pfizer Vaccine Stops Spread Of Covid-19

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The preliminary results of a study conducted by the Israeli Health Ministry shows that 90% of those who receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine do not transmit the virus to others.  It also shows that the vaccine is 98% effective in preventing symptoms like fevers and respiratory problems and 99% effective as preventing deaths or hospitalizations. 

Health experts in Israel has said the news is encouraging but warn that these are only preliminary results and that further testing and review is necessary.   80% of infections in Israel are of the more infectious strain which is belied to have started in the United Kingdom.  So far, Israel has been able to vaccinate almost half of its population as the small country continues its aggressive program to vaccinate the whole population.

Moderna’s vaccine was not part of the study, however most health experts believe those receiving the Moderna vaccine will have similar results based on observations of those who have received the Moderna vaccine in the United States along with scientific research results.