FBI Issues New Warning About Possible Threats To U.S. Capitol Building

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Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued warning to lawmakers saying that they have intelligence pointing to another possible Capitol Building attacked on or about March 4, which is a date many conspiracy theorist believe former President Donald Trump will be returning to become the President again.  According to the FBI, there has been increased discussion among far right wing conspiracy believers about another protest at the U.S. Capitol Building with some expressing further plans to take over the Capitol Building.

The waring comes in stark contrast to the January 6 incident in which the FBI and other federal agencies had some incomplete information but did not share it with other law enforcement agencies which is what some have said caused the poor response from police as they were not prepared.  According to a DHS officials who asked not to be named, it is mostly online chatter from what they can see with no significant plans being publicly put forward.  There are some conspiracy theorist that believe Trump will be inaugurated on March 4, the same day former U.S. Presidents used be inaugurated between 1793 and 1933.

U.S. Capitol Police acting chief Yoganada Pittman told Congress on Wednesday that they had “concerning intelligence” but did not want to discuss it publicly.  She did inform lawmakers that her department is on an “enhanced” posture and that relevant agencies have been informed and are prepared.