Tesla Building Gigantic Electric Battery Storage Farm South Of Houston

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Tesla subsidiary Gambit Energy Storage LLC has been building a 110 megawatt energy storage project in Angleton, Texas, which is about 40 miles south of Houston in Brazoria County.  That’s enough power for about 20,000 homes.  According to ERCOT, the new battery storage and supply facility is due to start service June 1.  The new station will help supply power quickly when there is a surge in demand and power companies can’t meet that demand as fast as it happens.  It stores electricity during periods of low usage when power is also cheaper and releases it back onto the grid when power suddenly surges such as during an especially hot summer day or some large event or in the case of a power generating plant going offline.

Tesla first started with battery storage in Australia in 2017 and is now working on facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.  The Texas location is currently the largest one ever built, however the new facility in the Bay Area is slated to be 182 megawatts.

According to a source from ERCOT, at least two more Tesla battery storage units are slated to be built in Texas, both will draw power from renewable sources such as wind and solar and are expected to be built sometime in 2022.  Tesla has said in a statement that it expects its energy revenue to top 30% of total company revenue by 2030.