5 Killed By Tornado In Alabama, More Storms Hit Atlanta Area

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A line of severe storms passed over the southeast United States with tornados striking Newman, GA, just outside of Atlanta and in Calhoun County, Alabama where five people were killed.  Police in Alabama believe there are more victims trapped in homes and rescue efforts are currently underway.  Homes and trees have been destroyed with some large trees being completely uprooted and many homes completely flattened.

NOAA and the NWS said inspectors are heading to the damage site to assess and figure out exactly how powerful the storm was and give it an official rating on the enhanced Fugita scale (EF-Scale).

Kelly Coleman of Birmingham said “it seems like these storms that are only suppose to happen every so often are happening more and more frequently.”  In fact, they are according to NOAA and the Severe Storms Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, the service that tracks severe storms, makes official predictions for the NWS and researches how storms form.  “Both the frequency and intensity of severe storms that affect the United States has increased significantly.  If you compare historical weather reports compared to now, we are definitely suffering more,” says Ben Perez.