Massive New Prairieland Village Housing Development Breaks Ground On Westside Of Houston Metro Area

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Developer Bridgeland has broken new ground for its newest village, to be called Prairieland Village, and will contain new housing for 26,000 residents with home prices starting at $220,000.  It will be located immediately east of the Grand Parkway (Hwy 99) and is the third such development after Lakeland and Parkland Village.

The new development includes 900 acres which will be filled with shops, offices and other business services acting as the town center.  Laced throughout the development there will be new walking and biking trails, lakes with kayak and canoe launches, parks, playgrounds and large open fields.  It will also have birdwatching spots, shaded pavilions and fishing.

We asked TXDOT officials on Friday if they have any plans to expand roads and freeways on Houston’s north and west sides to accommodate all the new growth.  Indeed TXDOT is planning on getting the Grand Parkway widened, and is looking at brining in a new freeway that would spur off of 290 and travel west into and through the Bridgeland communities.

In 2020, the Houston area gained, on average, 365 new residents per day, meaning the Houston metro area continues to be one of the fastest growing metro areas in the nation according to the US Census Bureau.