New Double Mutation Covid-19 Variant Found In United States

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A new Covid-19 variant with two mutations has been found in the San Francisco Bay Area by Stanford Health’s Virology Lab.  This version of Covid-19 was first discovered in India last month and has two mutations to the spike proteins which the virus uses to attach itself to cells in the body.  The L452R mutation has been responsible for a significant rise in cases in California recently and the E484Q, so far not know to exist in the United States until now and more importantly, now both variations are present within one covid cell, resulting in a double mutation.

Dr. Benjamin Pinsky, an associate professor of pathology and of infectious diseases at the Stanford School of Medicine says, “In most cases, it is too early to say whether or how these variants will influence the course of the pandemic, but it is important to monitor their evolution and spread.”  Dr Rakesh Mishra from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology said they do not know if this new double mutation variant of Covid-19 is more infectious or more deadly than other variants known to exist and that key to figuring it out is for world health agencies to continue tracking this version and other Covid versions.  Mishra also said the best key we have in fighting this is for everyone to be vaccinated as fast as possible.  In that way, we can stop the transmission of the virus and thereby stop the mutations and put this pandemic behind us so the world can get back to normal.