Residents Of St. Vincent Evacuate As the La Soufriere Volcano Expected To Erupt Soon

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A nearby Royal Caribbean cruise ship has been called on to help evacuate an estimated 16,000 residents who are in the path of the expected lava flow of nearby La Soufriere Volcano which is expected to erupt soon.  The small Caribbean island’s Prime Minister, ordered evacuations after the alert level for the volcano was raised to Red by the country’s National Emergency Management Organization on Thursday.  There has been a significant increase in seismic activity around the volcano over the last two weeks.

Most of the endangered residents are to the northwest, north and east of the volcano and are being taken to the south side of the island said Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalvez.  Additional ferries and other watercraft have also been called upon to help with the evacuation, while a few are making the difficult and slow inland route to the other side of the island.

Adding to the worry is Covid-19, and Gonsalvez said those wishing to board a rescue cruise ship or granted temporary refuge on a nearby island will have to be vaccinated.  

La Soufriere volcano close to eruption