China Admits Its Covid-19 Vaccine Is Not Very Effective

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The head of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control, Gao Fu, admitted publicly over the weekend that the Chinese vaccines for the coronavirus Covid-19 are “not very effective” saying they “don’t have very high protection rates.”  These comments were made as China quietly begins looking to import vaccines from other countries such as the United States and Europe were vaccine effectiveness is at 97%.

Chinese company Sinovac is a private company producing Covid-19 vaccines, and Sinopharm is a Chinese state owned pharmaceutical company.  As international medical experts and scientist got a hold of Chinese vaccines they began testing them, against the express will of the Chinese government, which had threatened sanctions if others “illegally acquire” Chinese made vaccines and attempted to discredit them.  Originally China has tried to put a cloud over mRNA technology that Pfizer and Moderna used in their vaccines and also offered to sell the U.S. vaccines made in China.  China has still not approved Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines for use inside China.

The following day after a meeting with top communist leaders, Fu attempted to walk back his statement and said it was “a complete misunderstanding.”  Fu then said vaccine protection rates from around the world are different, “sometimes high and sometimes low,” but when asked about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine being at 97% and 94% and has been vetted by many independent labs and various national governments from around the world, Fu declined to comment.

Oregon congressman Earl Blumenauer said global heard immunity is the key, having one country vaccinated and another not will only increase mutations and variations beyond what current vaccines are capable of.  Moderna said in a press statement on Monday that they are working on a booster which contains updated protections from the newer variants such as the U.K. version, South African version and the Indian variant.  

Keith Copeland, a public health administrator for Dallas County said, “the Covid-19 vaccine is looking like it’s going to be an annual vaccine much like the flu, in fact, it could be that one shot can deliver both the annual flu vaccine and Covid-19 booster vaccine all in one.”  Each year the flu vaccine is different based on which flu viruses become the dominate spreading ones out of China, and the flu is also a member of the coronavirus family along with Covid-19.