Saint Vincent Volcano Sees Largest Explosion Since It Began Erupting Friday

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The La Soufriere volcano on the tiny Caribbean island of Saint Vincent saw its most power explosion on Monday, just four days after the volcano began erupting on Friday.  The volcano had been inactive for decades.  Dark clouds and ash shot into the sky over 6 miles high as hot flows of ash and rock fragments race down the northeast side of the volcano.

According to Erouscilla Joseph, the director at the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre, the explosion that happened on Monday was the most powerful so far and said she is expecting more in the next days or weeks.

Foreign aid has already started heading towards the small island, with Venezuela sending 20 tonnes of supplies on Monday along with medical personnel.  The United States, Mexico, Brazil and Chile have also pledged support and have offered to send in rescue personnel if requested by the Saint Vincent government.

a church, trees and the streets are covered in ash from the nearby La Soufriere volcano that began eurpting last Friday