Travis County Sheriff’s Detective Shoots 3, And Is Now On The Run

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Police in Austin, Texas are searching for 41-year old Stephen Broderick, who was a Travis County Sheriffs Department detective who was arrested in June of 2020 on sexual assault charges.  He bonded out of jail and resigned his position and is now accused of shooting three people on Sunday in Austin near the Arboretum area of northwest Austin.  Austin police have described the shooting incident as an isolated domestic violence event.

A mug shot of 41 year old former Ttravis County detective Stephen Broderick from when he was arrested in June of 32020 on sexual assault charges
Mug shot of Stephen Broderick taken when he was arrested in June of 2020 on sexual assault charges.

Austin’s interim police chief Joseph Chacon said it can be difficult to find Broderick since he is former law enforcement and knows how to avoid being detected, but they do have training scenarios for exactly this.  He was last seen wearing a grey hoodie or light zipper sweater and a tan baseball style cap.  The FBI has been brought into help with the manhunt and alerts have been sent out to every police department, sheriff’s office, and state law enforcement agency in Texas as well as being added to the FBI’s national listing in the NCIC.

Austin Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon speaks at a press briefing on Sunday
Austin Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon.

The area immediately around where the shooting occurred remained on lockdown and police said they will lift the lockdown once they entire areas is thoroughly searched.

“A smart criminal will leave the area, change his or her clothes, change what they drive, and perhaps have a place to hide already set up.  But an impulsive or scared criminal will likely remain within a 25 mile area and hide in places of opportunity” said Brian Garza, a former FBI criminal profiler, no relation to Joe Garza who is the Travis County District Attorney, his office filed a motion to revoke Broderick’s bond.