Apple’s New Keyboard On MacBook Pro Are A Hit With Fans

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Apple has introduced the new “Magic” keyboard, shedding the previous version called the butterfly keyboard.  The new keyboard is touted by Apple as an improved keyboard with less sticky keys.  It also comes with a dedicated Escape key and continues to have the touch bar at the top.

The new keyboard made its debut on the 16-inch MacBook Pro and then onto he MacBook Air, and now with the 13-inch MacBook Pro.  The MacBook Air continues to be a think and light design, while the 14-inch added more power and the 16-inch has a very large screen for a laptop and upgraded processing power.

All come with Apple’s industry leading Retina screens capable of editing video and photo’s highly accurately with its massive color accuracy and color range.

The hard drive sizes have also been upgraded across the board.

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