Kabul School Bombing Kills At Least 50, Most Were Students

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At least 50 people were killed and 100 injured when a bomb exploded at a school in Kabul according to Afghanistan Interior Ministry spokesperson Tariq Arian.  The bombing happened in the Dash-e-Barchi district where the Sayed Ul-Shuhada high school is located.  The Afghan government has blamed the Taliban but the Taliban has denied responsibility.  “This unforgivable attack on children is an assault on Afghanistan’s future said Ross Wilson, the U.S. chargé d’affaires in Kabul and said the attack was “abhorrent.”  ISIS has also previous bombed schools in the area.   Many variants of radical Islam do not approve of girls going to school.

The move comes as the U.S. and NATO are withdrawing all combat forces out of Afghanistan by September 11th, marking an end to America’s 20 year war.  There are new concerns that as the U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan, it will allow the Taliban to get a stronger foothold towards becoming more organized to launch terrorist attacks and pose a threat to the fairly weak Afghan government.

Originally, the U.S. was aiming to pull out by May 1st under former President Trump’s orders, but that had to be extended to September due to logistical and Afghan political reasons.

The scene of a school bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan