California Woman Lost $26 Million Lottery Ticket

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California Lottery sign

A woman in California that purchased a $26 million lottery ticket says she lost it in the laundry when she had put the ticket in her pocket and forgot about it before doing laundry.  She has returned to the store in Norwalk where she bought the ticket for help.  According to the California Lottery, they were provided a video copy of her buying the winning ticket, but it was not the original video as the store recorded over it with new footage of the Arco AM-PM gas station.  It is unclear if that is sufficient evidence that she owned the winning ticket or not.

The lottery was actually for the Nov 14, 2020 lottery and under California law, she has six months to claim her prize. If the lottery goes unclaimed, then $19 million of the $26 million will go directly to public schools in California.