Texas Reports 0 Covid-19 Deaths, Fewest Covid Cases In 13 Months

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Despite President Biden calling Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to reopen Texas to full capacity and remove all mask requirements “neanderthal thinking”, Texas has continued on a path towards recovering from the pandemic with no deaths from Covid-19 being recorded on Sunday and having the fewest Covid-19 cases since Mach 2020.  Texas has also recorded its lowest 7-day average positivity rate ever, a sign that Texas has moved beyond pandemic days.

Since then the Texas Rangers MLB team have played a home game with the stadium full and the PGA held a major event in Dallas and despite this, the state’s positivity rate continued to decline to a level not seen since the pandemic began.  

With Texas having more than 50% of its population having at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and with an estimated 20%-30% of the population having natural immunity because they have already had Covid, either knowingly and sought medical treatment or unknowingly and were asymptomatic, much of Texas has grown close to herd immunity.  Anti-body testing was conducted in the fall of 2020 in Texas and researchers with Johns Hopkins University learned that about 25% of the Texas population had the antibodies that are formed when someone had Covid-19, meaning they previously had Covid-19.