IHOP Showcases New Flip’d Restaurant Concept They Are Opening

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IHOP's new Flip'd concept restaurant rendering

IHOP is finally showing off its new Flip’d restaurant concept that the company previously announced in 2019 after noticing an increasing number of customers were ordering their food to go.  Unlike a normal IHOP, the food at Flip’d is designed around the ability for customers to get their orders to go and eat them while on the go.  Examples include pancake bowls, egg sandwiches and premium coffee during breakfast hours while lunch and dinner hours will feature burrito bowls and more, all designed to be portable and easily eaten.

IHOP had originally planned to launch the new concept in the beginning of 2020 but as the pandemic spread, the company was forced to pull back as it evaluated how to stay afloat in the beginning months as restaurant sales plummeted.

Jay Johns, President of IHOP, said they are focusing on opening this new concept restaurant in urban areas first and will then roll it out to large scale suburban areas.  The company does not plan to open any in smaller suburban areas for now.