Texas Will Soon Allow Unlicensed Carrying Of Handguns

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Following the Texas Legislature’s passage of a new bill that removes the need to have a concealed carry license to carry a handgun in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott said he intends to sign it over the objections of some law enforcement officials in the state.  "A right requiring you to pay a tax or obtain a government permission slip is not a right at all," said Jason Ouimet, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.

While the bill has a small majority of support by Texas voters according to a poll conducted by Texas News Express from May 2 to May 10 of 2,015 registered voters with a 5% margin of error, some county Sheriff’s opposed the bill with one Sheriff who asked not to be named, “saying they will have no way of knowing who’s the bad guy which will make their officers look at everyone as suspicious.”

Opponents of the bill say it will make our streets less safe and that it does nothing to stop those who shouldn’t have a gun from obtaining one.  Amy Schlumberg of Austin works for various gun control advocacy groups across the U.S. and says, “This bill goes the wrong direction, is will make all of our lives less safe.”  

Supporters of the bill say “it’s time the state removes an arbitrary barrier meant to collect an additional tax revenue and has nothing to do with making Texas safer or ensuring those with a concealed carry license are any better” acceding to Randall Goetz.  “Now Texas can better defend themselves if something should happen, but even more central to the issue is that the government is no longer imposing a tax on citizens to partake of their constitutional rights.”

The new law will allow any Texas resident who is a U.S. citizen to legally carry a handgun either concealed or openly without any additional taxes, fees or checks.  Those wishing to buy a handgun will still have to undergo a background check to make sure they have no violent felonies, domestic violence or drug convictions.  In Texas, a person can already carry a rifle openly without any licenses or permits.

According to Gun Safe Policies PAC, armed citizens who have an encounter by law enforcement rarely end in violence or with someone being shot and that law enforcement who dislike citizen’s being armed tend to have a “us verses them” mentality anyhow and tend to be more aggressive in their law enforcement duties.  Police agencies with a “managerial” type of governance tend to be more accepting of citizens having guns and also tend to have far less complaints of excessive force by police officers.