Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu Defeated By New Coalition By Naftali Bennett And Yair Lapid

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A new majority coalition has been reached in Israel’s Knesset ousting the 12-year rule of current PM Benjamin Netanyahu with a group of hardliners, center-left parties and the United Arab List.  This will mark the first time Muslim or Arab lawmakers will win seats in the new government of Israel.  The one thing these groups that normally don’t get along all had in common now was to remove Netanyahu from his job as prime minister.  The new coalition has just 61 seats in the Knesset making it difficult to hold onto power as politically tough votes come up in future legislation.

The new coalition said they plan to hold a vote as soon as possible to elect a new Knesset speaker and quickly hold a vote in the Knesset to confirm the new government.  By law, this must be done within one week and Netanyahu and his supporters have made it clear they are not going without protests and attempting to put pressure on hardline supporters within this new coalition in an attempt to fracture it.

The most interesting part of this new coalition is that it also includes the United Arab List, a small party that usually only gets a handful of seats in the Knesset each election.  As part of the new coalition, they will be given leadership roles within the new government, though exactly which positions anyone will get has not been decided other than Naftali and Lapid who have agreed to split the PM position with Naftali holding the job for two years before handing it over to Lapid for another two years.