Vice President Harris Heads To Central American To Work On Stemming Flow Of Migrants From ‘Northern Triangle’ Countries

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U.S. VP Kamala Harris arrives in Guatemala on Sunday to begin working on finding solutions to slow the migration from Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which are known as the Northern Triangle.  This is VP Harris’ first official trip outside the U.S. since taking office in January. 

The White House said Harris will work with current Central American leaders to find new ways to bring hope and prosperity to the region in an effort to slow down the large number of migrants leaving their homes and countries and attempting to get into the United States.  “The natural disasters from repetitive hurricanes, corruption, crime and lack of meaningful economic activity has put millions of citizens of the Northern Triangle into perilous and dangerous positions and crime and gangs run rampant in those countries and police are often corrupt as well, all of this has caused a huge increase in migrants attempting to cross into the United States, its a real humanitarian problem at the border,” said Derrick Tapia, an advocate for tougher border security.  “Most are coming for legitimate reasons, but we can’t just let everyone in unscreened and unchecked.  There needs to be a process, background checks and when crossing, we need to ensure each person is not bringing illegal items across the border.  Terrorist and criminal gang members hide among these migrants hoping to get into the US where they are not planing to reach for the American dream, but are instead planning to create more scars and more victims.”