Americans Are Traveling Again

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This past week, a record 2 million travelers in a single day passed through TSA security checkpoints at airports around the nation as people give into the cravings to travel and escape their cabin fever effects of being cooped of during most of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  That’s the most travelers in a single day since before the pandemic started last year.

Among the top destinations are Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas topping the list for travelers wanting beaches, and Denver topping the list of tourist seeking national parks and outdoor activities in the mountains according to data from, and travel reservations from Delta, American and United.  

Business travel has been slow to return, but United CEO Scott Kirby says he does see a small increase in business travel and points to other signs that show business travel should return this fall.  Among the top destinations for the few business travelers so far include Phoenix, Tampa, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City, and San Diego.

In a press announcement last week, United confirmed it has been busy configuring its aircraft with premium heavy cabins to welcome back business travelers and loyal program passengers.  The airline’s new 737-Max 8 airplanes come with 25% more premium seats on board compared to its competitors on comparable aircraft according to new published seating maps available.

Amtrak, the nation’s national passenger rail service, has unveiled a new $299 rail pass similar to how train passes in Europe work as it sees ridership skyrocket on some routes.  “With new Covid-19 cases continuing to fall across the U.S. and the majority of Americans now vaccinated, it’s time we get back to living our lives again,” said school teach Phylis Halstead of Denver.

During President Biden’s trip to the G7 Summit in England this weekend, British and American officials agreed to form a travel advisory group to look at ways to slowly reopen the travel market between the United States and the United Kingdom, which happens to be the busiest and most profitable travel market in the world before the pandemic.  The Trans-Atlantic routes between the U.S. and Europe are the heaviest and most traveled routes in the world according to ICAO, the United Stations civil aviation authority.