President Biden Named Lina Khan As New FTC Chair After Winning Senate Confirmation As A Commissioner On Tuesday

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Following Tuesday’s Senate confirmation of Lina Khan as an FTC Commissioner, President Biden has named Khan as Chair of the FTC.    Khan is known best for the paper she published in the Yale Law Journal in which she points out her antitrust issue with Amazon.  Last year Khan was part of the antitrust probes into big tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, resulting in Congress introducing five new bills that would regulate big tech companies and possibly force a break up in some limited cases.

Steven Breneke is a political analyst for Chase’s regulatory division and says, “in a way, this is Biden’s way of softly telling big tech that they have been acting too much like a monopoly and mollifying some conservatives in Congress who say Facebook and Google have conspired to censure conservative voices on social media platforms and in search results.  This is classic American statesman and diplomatic power being wielded behind the scenes.”

Khan is an associate professor of law at Columbia University and previously worked at the Open Markets Institute.