NASA Says It’s Actively Searching For Other Intelligent Life In The Universe

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NASA Administrator and former Florida Senator Bill Nelson told Shepard Smith during an interview that the U.S. space agency has been looking for signs of intelligent life for years.  Nelson’s comments, like so many other space scientists, that with the universe being infinitely large, and with so many galaxies, suns and planets, there is most likely “intelligent life out there.”

One of the main reasons NASA goes to other planets, such as Mars, is not only to learn new exploration and travel technologies, but to search out signs of life that exist or used to exist according to previous agency’s mission statements.  On Mars, NASA’s experimental helicopter Ingenuity recently flew for 3 minutes at speeds up to 35 mph according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, where many of NASA’s missions beyond the orbit of earth are controlled and overseen from.

Previously NASA has funded other searches for alien life, such as its previous involvement with SETI and funding the development of several ground and space based telescopes, instruments and listening devices, all pointed out into the cosmos.

Recently the Chinese announced they are building a new large telescope and satellite system to search for alien life also.