NASA Got Hubble Space Telescope Is Working Again

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Over the weekend engineers were able to fix the crippled Hubble Space Telescope after it suffered a system failure on June 13 and brought the telescope’s scientific instruments back online.  NASA switched Hubble’s instruments to a backup power supply unit which restored Hubble’s systems.

Hubble was launched in 1990 on board the space shuttle Discovery and has bee used for 30 years to learn more about science and the universe.  The James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to launch later this year and is considered the successor to Hubble, though many in the scientific community would like both to operate together.

Hubble picture of star forming area of galaxy
A star forming region of the galaxy taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, image courtesy of NASA

Hubble’s future is in doubt as the 30-year old space telescope has suffered a number of errors and failures of the years.  Currently there is no way to get to Hubble since the retirement of the space shuttle program and there are no spare parts even if U.S. astronauts could get to it.  NASA admits that it is likely Hubble will suffer more issues as it gets older and that its days are numbered.  Over 1.5 million observations has been made with Hubble helping astronomers and other scientist learn more about the universe, with more than 15,000 scientific papers being written.  Hubble is responsible for some of the best images of far away places in the universe.