Jeff Bezos Rockets Into Space Inside Blue Origin’s New Shepard In First Crewed Flight

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made it to space reaching an altitude of 347,563 feet AGL or 65.8 miles, just above the Karman Line of 62 miles that is commonly considered the line where space begins.  Bezos was inside the New Shepard rocket made by his space company Blue Origin which launched from its spaceport in Van Horn, Texas and reached a speed of 2,233 mph.  This was the company’s first crewed mission and on board were Jeff and his brother Mark along with Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen, the launch, flight and reentry was entirely computer controlled.  The entire flight lasted 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

Blue Origin as it approaches its maximum altitude

Shortly after touching down safely NASA astronaut and former Space Shuttle commander Jeff Ashby presented all four passenger with astronaut wings that were specially adorned with a blue dot on the top of the wings.

Blue Origin capsule

Jeff Bezos said “I’m speechless in a way … I don’t have the talent to put into words what we just experienced, maybe we need to send a poet up at some point or something.  But it was incredible.”

Blue Origin booster about to touch down

82-year old Wally Funk is now the oldest person to travel to space while Oliver Daemen is the youngest at 18-years old.  Both proving that the mantra space agencies have adhered to that astronauts be in the prime of their life to go to space is no longer an absolute requirement.

Jeff Bezos inside New Glen capsule after touching back down to Earth after reaching space