iPhone Factory Safe Despite Massive Flooding In Zhengzhou

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Foxconn has stated that its factory in Zhengzhou which makes the popular iPhone is safe from flooding for now as severe flooding hits Zhengzhou in the Henan province.  According to meteorologist, one month’s worth of rain fell in one day causing flash floods and wide spread flooding in the region. 

Foxconn said in an emailed statement that they have activated their emergency response plans for flooding and that everyone there was safe.  Apple’s Tim Cook posted a message on Weibo saying “Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the flooding across Henan province, and the first responders helping people to safety.”  Weibo is a twitter like service in China since Twitter is banned in China for refusing to censor its platform from comments Chinese state censors do not like.

Several unverified videos show people trapped on a subway train with water up to their chest in Zhengzhou yesterday while new images are showing dead people being removed from a subway station.  There are a lot of pictures in Weibo showing cars floating away as street continue to flood. 

Zhengzhou flooding