70% Of Americans Now Have At Least One Vaccine Shot

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announce that the U.S. has pasted a milestone, with 70% of the population having received at least one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine, a month later than the July 4 goal that President Biden had hoped for.  Additionally, a little over 60% of residents have banefully vaccinated, meaning within a couple weeks it is likely the U.S. will reach a 70% fully vaccinated rate.  

The vaccination rate has increased over the last few weeks, especially in parts of the country where vaccination rates were the lowest such as Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Wyoming and Mississippi where rates were as low as 34%.  The seven-day average of those newly vaccinated reached 377,418 at the end of July.  Part of the increased vaccination rate has been the spread of the delta variant in these areas hitting unvaccinated younger adults and causing more severe symptoms than the original variant last year.  

Overall the Covid-19 case count is rising across the United States with the vast majority now the delta variant and 98% of those getting Covid-19 are unvaccinated according to the CDC.  Dr Anthony Fauci said last week that the U.S. is unlikely going to have another lockdown for a couple reasons; the first is that the majority of U.S. residents are now vaccinated and second, that we have learned that masks and having good personal hygiene including hand sanitizing can significantly reduce new Covid-19 cases among unvaccinated people.  “With the U.S. approaching the 60%-70% vaccination rate, combined with natural immunity from those who we know had it, plus natural immunity among those who had it but either had no symptoms or very mild symptoms and never caught medical care, we are closing in on herd immunity," said Dr. Sarah Wilcox, an infectious disease experts for the state of California.

“While new cases continue to climb with the new delta variant among the unvaccinated population, there is only a limited number of people Covid-19 can strike before there are no more people who have no immunity of any type, so hopefully we should begin to see a reduction of Covid-19,” said Derrick Brooks, a statistical data researcher with the University of Washington.  According to the CDC, the mRNA vaccines made by Modern and Pfizer continue to provide strong protection against the delta variant, though Pfizer did say last week they are studying the possibility of a booster shot in case the vaccine’s protection wears off before the Covid-19 virus finally ends.