Paris Olympics Is 3 years From Now, Hopes For A Party After Subdued Tokyo Olympics

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Paris Olympic logos near Eiffel Tower

With athletes at the Tokyo Olympics saying they felt like prisoners, not being able to leave the olympic village except to compete or train, not even to see other competitions, Paris is hoping for a totally different vibe, a welcome back to the olympic party.  Paris organizers said they will be planning for the worst, with Tokyo serving as a model to host the games without spectators and keeping everything to a minimalist feel, but that they are hoping for the Covid-19 pandemic to be long gone and to host the world’s largest party.

During the Tokyo Olympics which concluded yesterday, athletes were not allowed to arrive into Japan until 5-days before their competition and were required to leave with 48 hours after their last competition, were not allowed to bring spectators, friends or family, and were not allowed out of the Olympic Village to see Tokyo, in fact, they were only allowed to leave to compete, train and to leave Japan.  Traditionally athletes are also tourist who visit and spend money seeing the city they are in and watch other events to cheer on fellow athletes and friends, but this year that didn’t happen.  And so far, limited data suggests Tokyo did a good job of preventing the spread of Covid-19.  But it seemed more like a chore you’ve been trying to avoid then it did a celebration or sporting event.

Paris, on the other hand, is betting the virus will be long gone in three years when they are on the world stage hosting the 2024 summer Olympic Games.  The city is going full speed ahead with building plans, including a massive expansion to the city’s underground metro system, which hasn’t been significantly expanded in over two decades.  Daniel Moulin from Paris said he is planning for the Olympics, he has been buying up small apartments and homes around Paris and is planning to be a rental landlord for a couple years, then convert them into Air BnB rentals during the Olympics.  Moulin said he expects to get between $10,000 and $45,000 Euros for each house or apartment during the Olympics.  His hopes are well founded, during the Rio games and London games, Air BnB rentals skyrocketed in demand and in price by over 500%.

Meanwhile, the city’s hoteliers are also planning for a massive crowd with over 10,000 athletes, 100,000 coaches, media personnel, referees, IOC officials, and other essential workers and 6 million guests and spectators.

Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic logo