School Districts Across Texas Reporting Record Number of Covid-19 Cases

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School districts large and small across most of Texas’ large metropolitan areas are reporting high levels of students with Covid-19 and in some cases, significantly higher than the height of the pandemic last year.  As a result more schools are seeing parents keep their kids at home, resulting in very low in-person attendance.

Linda Kaplan said, “I want my kids to go to school, it’s good for them and their overall development, but I also want them to be safe. Kaplan lives in Allen, Texas, just north of Dallas.  Her kids are in elementary school and are too young to be vaccinated according to CDC guidelines.  It’s the same story in many other school districts in which we were able to talk to parents.  Dale Sanders of Katy, Texas (just west of Houston) echoed a similar statement about this 16-year old son. 

Of the kids old enough to get the vaccine, the vast majority who acquire Covid-19 are not vaccinated according to data from Texas Health and Human Services, the state’s health department.

“Left, right, or somewhere in the middle, a conservative state like Texas which has data that shows Covid is real, and that vaccinations protect and that vaccinations fears of female infertility or some other problem just don’t bear out in the real world, it’s mostly fear in the minds of those who refuse to vaccinate, fear is controlling them, not facts, and data,” says Melinda Cartwright, who was originally against the vaccine fearing it would make her infertile.  Cartwright later caught Covid-19, was so seriously ill she had to be hospitalized and later recovered. Since then Cartwright has become pregnant with her doctors saying it’s a healthy baby.