North Korea Claims It Successfully Tested New Long Range Nuclear Tipped Cruise Missile

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Over the weekend North Korea test launched its new long range cruise missile which closely resembles the U.S. made Tomahawk cruise missile in which the reclusive communist nation described as “new type longe-range cruise missile” that was a “strategic weapon of great significance.”  Experts believe the missile has been developed in an attempt to overwhelm South Korea and Japan, leaving the U.S. without a way to meaningful way to strike back immediately.  “It’s unlikely North Korea could take out all U.S. military capabilities in South Korea and Japan, however, the U.S. does have other strategic bases in Guam, Midway, the Philippines, along with aircraft carrier strike groups” says Mandy Richardson, a former Undersecretary of Defense for the Pacific region.  

The Pyongyang official Korean Central News Agency said on Monday that the new missiles traveled for 126 miles along an oval and a pattern-8 flight path over land and water, saying it can hit targets up to 932 miles away.  Defense experts believe it is capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.

Despite North Korea’s self-imposed ban on further nuclear weapons testing and ballistic missile testing, that still continues today, while it held talks with the Trump Administration, the tiny nation continues to develop land based solid rocket fueled short range missiles and other offensive weapons.