The All-Male Afghan Government Says Women Can Go To College In Gender Segregated Classrooms

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Afghanistan’s new “Higher Education Minister”, Abdul Bari Haqqani, has announced that women may go to school, including college, in strict segregation from men, and must wear islamic clothing including hijabs but did not clarify if this meant only head coverings or face coverings also.  Haqqani said, "We will not allow boys and girls to study together," he said. "We will not allow co-education.”

Women will still be banned from sports, however female news presenters are still being broadcasted from Afghanistan TV news stations, and the new Taliban government has said it will allow that to continue, however the messaging must be approved by the Taliban government.

In an interview on Afghanistan's popular TOLO News, Taliban spokesman Syed Zekrullah Hashmi said last week that women should give birth and raise children. While the Taliban have not ruled out the eventual participation of women in government, the spokesman said "it's not necessary that women be in the Cabinet."