Police Find More Than 300,000 Used Condoms Being Repacked And Sold As New

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Police in Ho Chi Minh City have discovered over 300,000 used condoms at a factory where they were being repacked and sold as new.  A police inspector said the factory’s 34-year old owner, a female, stated she bought the condoms from someone else on the used condom market.  Globally an estimated 5% of condoms sold to unsuspected buyers are actually used according to estimates by the World Health Organization.

After buying the condoms and having them delivered, the condoms were rinsed and rerolled and put back into new wrappers and sold as new to distributors and retailers both in Vietnam and internationally.  Vietnamese health officials stated they are trying trace who the used condoms were sold to in an attempt to find the final buyers and determine if anyone has suffered any health issues or contracted any sexually transmitted diseases as a result of the illegal operation.

used condoms
Both images in this article are courtesy of VTV News Vietnam.