Home Depot Plans To Launch Fast Same Day Delivery Service

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Soon, online customers of Home Depot will be able to have their items delivered to them within just a few hours, as Home Depot has announced it is partnering with Walmart using Walmart's GoLocal delivery service. The new service aims to deliver most items that will fit in a car within three to four hours and Home Depot says it is attempting to reach 90% of the population with same-day service. To start with, the company said it will roll the service out in just a few markets, but did not specify which ones.

For Walmart, it's the jump in volume the company needs to ramp up their own white label delivery service called GoLocal. Walmart will rebrand its white label delivery service into GoLocal. Until now, Walmart used services like Door Dash and even some of their own workers to make deliveries.

Home Depot said items that are eligible for quick delivery will be marked at checkout or when selecting the item online.