Cyber Monday Sets Record, Becomes Biggest Online Shopping Day In US History

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Consumers spent a whopping $11 billion in online shopping on Cyber Monday which breaks down to $12 million a minute.  Adding to the new shopping environment, 37 percent of shoppers bought something online with their smartphone.  In a survey according to Adobe, more shoppers also thought it was important to buy from a local retailer rather than a large chain store.  In fact, small business saw a 501 percent increase, considerable higher than large retailers. 

Consumers have also been voting with their wallets and setting public agendas as well, with consumer shopping at black and minority owned businesses at a much higher rate than last year said Harley Finkelstein, president of Shopify.  He added, “consumers are not driven solely by deals anymore,” and that consumer are driven by movements and social causes as well.

“Small business retailers, repair facilities, professional services and restaurants that saw the biggest jump were those with a good website with an easy checkout process, had curbside pickup and advertised it, and have online ads placed in local newspapers, news websites, and social media spreads” said Brandon Adams.  Adobe added that those types of small businesses saw on average 10 times more business than their competitors without social media and other online ads.