Archeologist Discover Stash Of Gold And Silver Coins In Hungarian Field

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silver and gold coins found in Hungarian field

A Numismatist, Balázs Nagy, from the Ferenczy Museum in Hungary lead an archeological dig in a field in Újlengyel Hungary after previously finding 150 ancient coins and have discovered a buried stash of more than 7,000 silver coins and four gold coins.  The oldest coins are silver denarius which date back to C.E. 169 and are Roman coins of Emperor Lucius Verus.  The newest coins from the stash date back to 1516, to the time of Louis II who ruled Hungary and Bohemia.  The four gold coins were issued during the reign of Matthias I, who was the king of Hungary from 1458 to 1490.

While no one knows for sure why the coins where buried here, Nagy hypothesized that they were buried in a hurry by fleeing Hungarians during an attack doom the Ottoman Empire around 1526.  This battle, the Battle of Mohács, saw Hungary’s king deposed and the start  of the Ottoman Empire rule over the area along with the House of Habshurg.