2020 Olympics May Go Forward In 2021 But With No Fans Or Visitors

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2020 Tokyo Olympics Games sign

As the July 23rd start date of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics draws closer, rumors have started to percolate to the surface that the games will yet again be postponed or even canceled.  The Times of London has come out arguing the games need to be canceled.  The International Olympic Committee, IOC, has a different idea, go forward with the games, but not have any fans in the stadiums.  Since the IOC gets 75% of its income from broadcast television rights, the loss of fans is a minor loss compared to the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee which has spent over $25 billion on the 2020 games which have already been postponed once, from 2020 to 2021 and depends almost 100% of fans and visitors attending to make back its financial investment.

Despite the calls for the games to be postponed once again or even for them to be cancelled, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee and the IOC have, at least publicly, continued to say the games will go forward this year despite the global Covid-19 pandemic.  

Thousands of businesses in Japan and around the world stand to lose millions each if the game go forward without fans.  The Olympic Games draw at least four to five million fans plus the tens of thousands of athletes, coaches, trainers, television broadcasters, judges, volunteers and support personnel.  That all equals big money for restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, local vendors, merchandise and retailers, and businesses from around the world that provided a cadre of services to the Olympics that won’t be getting paid even though they have already done their jobs and spent money delivering their product or service.

“No matter which way to slice it, it doesn’t appear we can have a win win situation this year.  Regardless of which way it’s handled, someone is going to lose.” Said Andrea Conner, a former tennis coach for the US Olympic Team.  “If we postpone it again, we will probably just have to cancel it because next year are the Winter Olympics and then in two years are the 2024 Paris Olympics followed by the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.”