Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport Set To Grow With New Flights

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Houston’s main airport is expanding with new flights and routes from several different airlines including Southwest, Sun Country and JetBlue.  The newest to enter the market is Sun Country which plans to launch new flights from Houston to Cancun and Houston to Las Vegas and Houston to Minneapolis-St Paul.  Below we’ll give you the details as well as some specs on the Bush Intercontinental Airport.

This is in addition to Southwest which is introducing new flights from Bush Intercontinental to Chicago Midway, Dallas Love Field, Denver, Nashville and New Orleans.  JetBlue recently began operating flight stop Boston and New York JFK airport after moving this flights from the smaller Houston Hobby Airport. 

In 2019, Houston Bush Intercontinental and Houston Hobby had a combined 60 million passengers, with the majority using the larger Bush Intercontinental.  Houston is also a hub for United Airlines.

The business domestic routes out of Houston Bush Intercontinental are Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and New York Newark.  The busiest international routes from Bush are Mexico City, Cancun, London, Frankfurt and Calgary.

Houston’s Bush airport covers 10,000 acres and has been busting at the seems in terms of available gate space and over the last several years and has renovated and rebuilt terminal B South, Terminal C North and is working on Terminal D, the international terminal.  Terminal A is the oldest and is where most non-United Airlines flights operate out of and is an aging smaller terminal with just 19 gates with jet bridges and a few more without jet bridges dedicated to regional flights.  86 other gates are operated by United leaving 11 gates in terminal D, the International.  Terminal D, however, is undergoing a renovation an expansion as well which will add 6 more international gates.  Terminal E also handles international flights but is dedicated to United Airlines.

In Terminal A, some airlines, such as Spirit, have had to resort to using remote parking stands as there is not enough gates for the number of flights the airline operates.  The airport and the City had been working on plans to expand the airport even more, raising the number of gates with jet bridges from the current 117 to as many as 140, but those plans have largely stood idle as the airport reassesses just how many gates it needs with the Covid-19 pandemic reducing the number of flights at Bush Intercontinental flight by around 35%.  

There are another 8 gates for regional flights that do not have jet bridges which brings the total number of gates currently to 125.  The total distance from Terminal A to Terminal E Air-Train stop is 1 mile while the furthest points a passenger can reach is 1.2 miles going from the far end of Terminal A to the far end of terminal D.  Additionally there are 28 parking spots for cargo airlines to use during loading and unloading.  

There are also 3 fully manned fire stations on airport property ready to respond to accidents on any of the 5 runways, the longest of which is over 12,000 feet.

Only the Dallas Forth Worth Airport in Irving Texas is Larger with 75 million passengers and serves as American Airlines’s only primary fortress hub and where American Airlines is based.