Europe Turns Orange As Massive Saharan Dust Cloud Blankets Snow Covered Areas

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Saharan dust lands on snow covered areas of Germany, France, Hungary

Many parts of southern and central Europe were blanketed with dust from the Saharan desert turning the snow covered landscape into an apocalyptic like sight as an advection of Saharan Dust was carried to Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, part of France, Czech Republic, Hungary and the Balkans.

NASA weather satellite showing Saharan dust cross the Mediterranean Sea

The dust clouds with the highest concentration have caused some minor aviation changed with some flights been rerouted as the dust in high concentration is not good for jet engines.

“It’s a little creepy, kind of reminds me of Mars or some end of the world event here on Earth” said Hilda Schmidt of Munich.  This same event usually brings Saharan dust across the Atlantic and into Texas, often blanketing a layer of dust over Southeast Texas including the Houston area creating very hazy skies in the process.