Amazon Starts Using Rivian Electric Vans For Deliveries

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Amazon has received and started using its new Rivian all electric delivery vans and can be found on some routes in Los Angeles, CA.  Under the deal with Rivian, Amazon placed a order for 100,000 electric vans worth $4 billion with deliveries to start in 2021.  At least 10,000 are to be delivered by 2022.  Amazon previously provided Rivian $700 million in funding in 2019.

Both Amazon and Rivian released some basic starts about the van, with its range being 150 miles which they claim is more than enough since delivery routes with Amazon are normally confined to specific local areas since so many households order from Amazon on a regular basis.  “The range of the van is expected to increase to about 200 miles with further refining” said Mark Reed from Car & Driver

Rivian was founded din 2012 and is based in Plymouth, Michigan and employs approximately 3,000 employees.  The company is also developing an electric SUV and pick up truck on a platform that can be used for several different types of consumer vehicles.  Essentially, whichever model you chose, it has the same underlying frame and power system.