United Airlines Engine Explodes On Take Off At Denver International Airport

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United flight 328 was taking off today from Denver International Airport when the right side engine exploded creating a loud boom that residents in homes nearby said they heard and felt.  The Boeing 777-200 was past past the point it could safely stop, therefore it continued the takeoff successfully and subsequently made a priority landing back at the Denver airport without further incident.

There were 214 passenger on board plus 10 crew members according to Denver airport officials.  No injuries have been reported.  According to historical engine failures of a similar nature, a compress stall is a probably cause, though the actual result will be determined after a careful investigation and inspection of the engine.  The NTSB said they are disputing a team to investigate the incident.

United Boeing 777-200 debris
Debris from United Airlines flight 328, a Boeing 777-200 in which its leftside engine exploded during takeoff.