Southwest Airlines Pilot Goes On Swear Word-Filled Rant About San Francisco And Bay Area Residents

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This week an audio recording of a Southwest Airlines pilot went viral after it was picked up by air traffic control and reboardcast by Live ATC.  The pilot apparently had an open mic and can be heard calling everyone in San Francisco “goddamn liberal f---s.”   He went on to say “F--- this place, goddamn liberal f—s.  F---ing weirdos, probably driving around in f---ing Hyundais, f---ing roads and shit that go slow as f—.”  He concluded with “You don’t have balls unless you’re f---ing rolling coal, man, goddamn it,” before being interrupted by air traffic controllers informing him that he can be heard across the entire Bay Area and on Live ATC.  The pilot’s speech was heard as the flight was below 10,000 feet were all personal cockpit talking is prohibited.

Southwest did confirm the incident happened and described the incident as “isolated” and said that there are 60,000 employees of Southwest that are respectful and hardworking.  Southwest added that they are addressing the issue with the pilot who broke FAA regulations which prohibit pilots from having personal conversations below 10,000 feet as that is the most complex and busy part of a flight and where pilots have only a small margin of error to recover in case of an emergency and the pilot’s focus is suppose to be on flying.