Chicago Man Allegedly Kills 7-year Old Girl In McDonald’s Drive-Thru

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Police have arrested 18-year old Marion Lewis in Chicago after they say he shot and killed a 7-year old girl, Jaslyn Adams and shot and wounded her father as they waited in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s.  According to the police report, Lewis had refused to stop for police and attempt to get away when he crashed his car on a freeway in Chicago.  While attempted to carjack a family’s vehicle police caught up to him and shot him and were then able to arrest him.

Lewis has been charged with first degree murder, three counts of attempted murder, robbery, aggravated vehicular hijacking, and aggravated assault of a police officer.  Chicago police say there were at least two others involved in this shooting and are attempting to locate them as well.  Police say at least six bullets struck the young girl.